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The Assurance Denture

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You have a denture that you have had been wearing for years. It is comfortable and you have been eating well with it. But it is showing its age. The teeth may have yellowed, there may be cracks appearing and you are afraid it may break. You may have already had a tooth break off and repairs made. Your old denture is making YOU look old. You want a new, whiter denture but can’t stomach getting the impressions done. You are afraid that your new denture won’t feel as comfortable as your old one. Problem solved with Assurance Denture. Instead of taking messy, gaggy impression of your mouth, we take them of your old denture. You get a new denture that feels like your old one but looks a lot better. Don’t put off getting a better, more youthful denture. Call and ask us about the Assurance Denture today.