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Immediate Denture

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An immediate denture is a process where the denture is made before the teeth are extracted. The denture is placed immediately after the extractions. This can be done on the upper, lower or both. The advantage to this method is that you don’t have to go around with missing teeth. The disadvantage is that this method is not as accurate as the traditional method of extracting the teeth and healing for 6 to 8 weeks before making the denture. There will be more sore spots under the denture and it will be more difficult adjusting to the denture. So you will probably need one or more relines to compensate for shrinkage. The other disadvantage is that you cannot try the denture to look at the size, color and how the teeth are set prior to receiving it. At Delmarva Dental Services many times we will make a more cosmetic denture in about a year after the immediate.