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Conventional Dentures

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CONVENTIONAL DENTURES (Tissue Retained) Conventional complete dentures (Full dentures) are supported by the tissues. Their resistance to dislodgement from sticky foods is prevented by three factors. The suction contact of the denture base and the underlying tissue, the tongue’s ability to hold it in place and the seating of the denture when closing.
Upper Ridge
Lower Ridge
Upper dentures have suction but lower dentures usually don’t. That is why people tend to like their upper and hate their lower. The resistance to biting forces is from the underlying bone and gums. The thicker and harder the bone and tissue the better the resistance. The thinner the bone and tissue the worse the resistance. The jaw bones resistance to biting forces was designed to be internal from the roots of the teeth imbedded in the bone. It was not designed to resist forces on top of the tissue & bone. Therefore all tissue supported dentures will cause pressure resorption. This is the dissolving of the gum & tissue over time under a denture. This is why the older a denture is, the less tightly it fits and people spend over half of a billion dollars every year on denture adhesives. Alternatives to denture adhesives would be a denture reline, An implant retained denture or root retained denture would have better retention and resistance to pressure resorption.
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