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Dental Implants Made Simple

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All the information available now about dental implants can be confusing. A dental implant is a titanium cylinder of varying lengths and diameters placed in the upper or lower jawbone. The success of the implant depends upon its stability or resistance to force. This is influenced by the size of the implant, the quantity and density of bone, and the amount of force placed upon it. Bigger implants are better. A lot of hard bone is best. Bone quantity and density varies in different individuals. Usually the lower jaw is better than the upper and the bone in the front of the jaw is better than the back. The fewer teeth attached to an implant and the less rigid the attachment to it the better.Various attachments connect the implants to artificial teeth. A crown or cap can be made to attach to one implant or several crowns to several implants. A bridge can be attached to one or more implants with artificial teeth in between the implants. Dentures can be screwed to 4 or more implants or snapped over 2 to 4 implants.Traditionally implants are left in place for 4 to 6 months before artificial teeth are attached. However, a recent development is the attachment of the artificial teeth to the implants at the time of the placement. This is possible where bone quantity and density are good. An example of this is when 2 to 4 mini-implants are placed in the anterior portion of the lower jaw. The mini-implants have ball-shaped heads on them. A metal ring with a rubber gasket that fits over the ball is placed in the patient’s existing denture. This is also less stressful on the implant than a more rigidly fixed tooth replacement. Another example would be “Teeth In An Hour” tm. Computer software predetermines the size of the implants and precisely where the implants are to be placed from a CAT scan. A template is made to guide the implant placement. The artificial teeth and the attachments are also made in advance. Everything is placed in one appointment. Dental implants have a high degree of success. General dentists, periodontists, and oral surgeons can perform implants. Always inquire about the level of experience of your implant dentist!