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How To Avoid The Dentist

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Having practiced dentistry for many years and trying to encourage people to come to the dentist, I have obviously come up against many obstacles. Some of the excuses we have heard are: I’m afraid; I can’t get off work; I can’t afford it; I can’t find a sitter, as well as I have a headache; I’m tired; it’s raining; it’s too pretty a day; I’m going to the beach; my car is broken down; my dog ran away. In the military, we have even seen people avoid the dentist when it was free.We have tried to overcome many of these obstacles at Delmarva Dental Services by offering: convenient hours from 7:30am to 8pm & Saturdays, payment plans ,  stereo headphones with cable TV ’s, laughing gas, oral sedation and IV sedation.   Still many people don’t visit the dentist. In the United States only 65% of people under 65 years and 50% of people over 65 years old visited the dentist last year.So we figure there must be a lot of people interested in “how to avoid the dentist”. Having all your teeth pulled is not the answer either. Look at all the time you have to spend with the dentist pulling and then making, adjusting, repairing and relining the denture. The number one most important dentist avoidance factor is daily flossing. This will lessen the probability of gum disease and cavities greatly. Secondly, using a fluoride toothpaste and brushing with an electric toothbrush like the Braun  will help to prevent cavities. Daily rinsing with Listerine will help along with flossing to prevent gum disease. The oral probiotic Evora will introduce helpful bacteria to fight the bacteria that cause cavities, gum disease and bad breath.   Don’t smoke since it will worsen gum disease. Also avoid chewing ice, biting your fingernails,  using your teeth as tools to open packages, plastic tags, cracking shells, biting thread or pens and pencils because they wear your teeth down. This will lessen the likelihood that your teeth will break. Don’t drink energy drinks because they dissolve your teeth. Now, having your teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist regularly will also help you avoid the dentist. Unfortunately, the law states that a dentist must examine your teeth at least once a year so you are going to have to let him take a peak. So, even if you can’t totally avoid the dentist, you can at least minimize your time with him.