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Anti Anxiety Options (Sedation)

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Our philosophy is that the patient determines whether they are numb enough for treatment, not us. If the patient raises their hand and tells us they are not numb that is good enough for us. We will stop and numb more. Headphones & cable TV can be used during all treatment. We can determine the appropriate anti-anxiety option by measuring your anxiety score using “Corah’s Anxiety Scale”. The following anti anxiety options are for relaxation and do not guarantee that the patient will be asleep. I. Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) – Used for mild anxiety A gas is inhaled through a nose piece. The amount can be changed throughout the procedure, either higher or lower. Recovery takes minutes. II. Oral Valium with or without Nitrous Oxide – Used for mild to moderate anxiety Take 10 mg of Valium night before appointment & 10 mg Valium an hour before appointment. If needed nitrous oxide can be used also. III. Conscious Oral Sedation – Used for high & severe anxiety • Take 10mg of Valium night before appointment • Take .125 to .5 of Triazolam one hour before appointment • May take additional Triazolam at appointment. • Nitrous oxide will also be used. • This method requires we monitor blood pressure, pulse and blood oxygen level using a pulse oximeter. The patient does not need someone to drive them when only using nitrous oxide. The patient will need a driver if taking Valium or Triazolam.  


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