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Afraid of The Dentist

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Afraid of The DentistFear is the main reason people avoid the dentist. Understanding, empathizing, and taking steps to minimize this fact is important to us at Delmarva Dental Services. We have treated many an adult who had developed this fear as a child. This is why we take special care to make children’s visits pleasant.One of the features at our office is that every new patient completes the “Corah’s Anxiety Scale””. The scale measures your anxiety about dental fears like, needles, sounds, etc. We also ask questions about your previous good and bad dental experiences. From this interview we can take steps that are customized to your specific needs.Some of the “relaxers” we have available at Delmarva Dental Services are pre-numbing gel before shots, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), oral sedationstereo headphones, massage chairs, neck pillows, and blankets. We have plenty of anesthesia to make sure you are totally numb. Also, our philosophy is that you are the one who determines whether you are numb during a procedure not us.It is just as important to us that you feel comfortable coming to Delmarva Dental Services, as it is that we complete your necessary dental treatment. See video at   Take our quiz and find out how anxious you might be at the dentist.

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