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The Soft Drink Craze

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The Soft Drink Craze or Are You Crazy For Drinking Soft Drinks? Soft drinks have become alarmingly popular in the world. They have become the third most popular drink. The average American drinks 56 gallons a year. Fifty-six percent of 8 year olds down soft drinks daily. The average teenage boy drinks three or more cans a day, and the average girl more than two a day. Twenty-five years ago teenagers drank twice as much milk as soda pop; today they drink twice as much pop as milk.
Soft drinks are readily available. They are the top selling product in our grocery stores. Fast food restaurants and convenience stores provide us with enormous size portions. In the 1950’s a typical fast food drink size was eight ounces; today the kids’ meal at MacDonald’s contains 12 ounces and a large soft drink is 32 ounces. Soft drinks are also sold in vending machines in 60% of our schools. This is bad news for our bodies. Here’s why… A can of soda contains phosphoric acid, about 10 teaspoons of sugar and 30 to 55 mg of caffeine. Soft drinks not only affect our teeth in negative ways but they are also bad for our overall general health. Numerous studies have shown a direct link to refined sugar and tooth decay. Dentists are also noticing the dissolving of tooth enamel from the phosphoric acid, which is also present in diet soda. Not to mention a diet high in sugar also increases the risk of obesity. The stimulant potential and addictive properties of caffeine are likewise well documented. Who knows how many children are becoming caffeine dependent or what the effects of caffeine are on the developing brain. Phosphorous can deplete the body of calcium, weakening bones, causing girls to be especially more prone to broken bones. In girls too, this can possibly lead to osteoporosis in their later years. No one can predict what the long-term effect will be when soda drinking kids and teenagers become adults but the experts have a pretty good idea and the outlook is grim. So why chance it? Get back to the basics with water and milk.