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Removable Partial Dentures

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Removable Partial Dentures are used when teeth are missing but some teeth still remain. That’s why they are named partial rather than complete or full dentures. They can be made out of hard plastic, flexible plastic, metal or combinations. They are removed by the patient and not fixed. Removable Partial Dentures have two forces to resist; forces causing it to be pulled out like sticky foods and forces causing it to be pushed inward like hard foods. They resist dislodgement forces by attachments on the partial which grip remaining teeth, remaining roots or implants. The more attachments the better the partial stays in. Partials resist biting inward pressure by the hardness of tissue, gum, bone, teeth, roots or implants under them. Removable partials should be taken out when sleeping. This gives the tissues a rest and lets the natural antibodies in the saliva clean the tissues. All removable partial dentures will move some during eating; some more than others.