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When Should Child First Visit The Dentist

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It is important for every child to visit the dentist early. The Center for Disease Control; (CDC) study found 19.5% of children ages 2-5 have untreated cavities. www.cdc.gov/oralhealth/publications/factsheets/dental_caries.htm A 2013 study for Delta Dental found the average age a child visits the dentist is 2.6 years. Unfortunately, waiting until after 2 years of age may result in a toothache or the need for a filling. This can be prevented by following the American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatric Associations recommendation for the first dental visit being between age 6 months and 1 year. At Delmarva Dental Services we even have an “Early Child Examination” specifically for children under 3 years. Early dental visits have the following advantages: reduces the chances of having cavities, the child has a better dental experience, the child ends up less fearful of the dentist and there is less chances of needing braces later.  See our video at  http://youtu.be/qc0Scqz_3bI  

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