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Early Childhood Examination

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This is an appointment designed for children under 3 years old who have never been to the dentist. It is a positive “get acquainted” visit with the hygienist. We proceed cautiously in a stepwise manner, not going beyond what the child will tolerate. An infant and many toddlers will sit in their mom or dad’s lap in the dental chair. We first show them the dental chair and light. Then ask them if they want to take a ride in the chair and show their face on a video screen. Next, the hygienist counts and shows them their teeth on a video screen using an intraoral camera. Then we ask them if we can tickle their teeth with a “tooth tickler” and we may polish one and then more teeth with a dental polisher. The hygienist can stop at any point along the way if the child feels anxious. We go over brushing technique with the child and/or parent and recommend a specific toothbrush for their age. We will discuss diet and things you can do at home to clean the teeth. We may discuss the familys’ cavity rate and the use of the probiotic, Evora. The hygienist discusses the fluoride level in their drinking water with the parent and recommends a fluoride supplement if needed.  We may give a fluoride treatment or take x-rays depending upon the child’s age and level of cooperation at the next visit. The most important goal is to make every dental visit a positive and pleasant experience for your child, so he or she will look forward to their next visit.  See our video at http://youtu.be/qc0Scqz_3bI