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Whitening Strips

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See our Video on Teeth Whitening >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Office Whitening & home whitening Several companies make whitening strips but they were invented by Procter and Gamble in 2000. (see “History of Tooth Whitening)  Whitening strips usually contain hydrogen peroxide. (see” Tooth Whitening“) Whitening Strips To place whitening strips dry your teeth with a tissue or paper towel and adapt the strip to your teeth by  molding it .  Do not  play with it with your tongue.whitening strips placement upper & lower strips   It is much easier to keep the strips on the upper teeth rather than the lower teeth.  This is because the tongue tends to dislodge the lower one. A custom fitting lower whitening tray made by a dentist stays in place much better than a strip. (see” Hone Tray Whitening“)       strips vs trays Whitening strips are more  convenient than whitening trays because and it is easier to carry  them in your pocket.  Custom fitting whitening trays made by a dentist and whitening strips are equally effective Trays vs Strips Both need to be worn a minimum of 1/2 hour or longer for about a week to see obvious results. strips vs trays.jpg1 Delmarva Dental Services both of  these services    

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