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Office Whitening

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Office whitening is the process of applying a  concentration of hydrogen peroxide to the teeth that is much higher than whitening strips or tray whitening.  It is usually performed in a dental office but also available in mall kiosks and Tanning facilities. It  may take more than one visit to lighten your teeth.Office Presentation1 This type of whitening has been used for a 100 years usually with a heat lamp. (See History of Tooth Whitening). Today some type of light is used to activate the hydrogen peroxide such as an LED light, plasma arc or laser. Office whitening works faster than Tray Whitening or Whitening Strips because it is such a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. laser There is a temporary false lightening that occurs with Office/Mall Whitening because of teeth dehydration.  When teeth dry out from lack of saliva they get lighter.  When they become rehydrated they will turn darker.  You can do this yourself by blowing air on your teeth for 20 seconds and they will become whiter.  See Below: Dehydration     Some recent studies have indicated that lasers may improve the lightning effect but most studies show no difference compared to using hydrogen peroxide just by itself. See Below: One half Delmarva Dental Services offers Laser Whitening, Home Tray Whitening and Whitening Strips.  

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