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Home Tray Whitening

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Home Tray Whitening is the method where you put whitening gel in a tray and place the tray in your mouth.  The gel is usually different concentrations of carbamide peroxide.The tray is usually worn for 1/2 hour to several hours  a day.  It takes about one week to see results. Whitening trays  have been popular since 1989. (See “History of Tooth Whitening“)  It is a very effective  method  of whitening provided that you use a custom tray and not a premade “stock” tray.    A custom tray is made when an impression or mold  is made of your teeth in a dental office.  It has an excellent fit and does not dislodge easily, keeping the bleaching gel  in close contact with the tooth surface.       Dentist Blchg Trays This is not true of stock or premade trays purchased in the store or over the internet that are made to fit anyone.  All bleaching trays are not alike   Trays   It fits much better than whitening strips especially where the teeth are crowded and not aligned where it would be hard to adapt a strip.  It is also better than a whitening strip on the lower teeth because it  is less likely to be dialoged by the tongue like a whitening strips..   strips vs trays The whitening effectiveness of trays are equal to whitening strips  Trays vs Strips  Delmarva Dental Services offers both Custom Tray Whitening and Whitening Strips.

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