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Prettier Teeth

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Cosmetic Dentistry
A Beautiful Smile in a Snap By Joseph Harmon DDS of Delmarva Dental Services There are many great cosmetic dentistry procedures that have been introduced over the years, like bleaching, plastic bonding and porcelain veneers. Now there is a recent development called Snap On Smile®. It is a flexible plastic resin appliance, custom made in a lab, which fits over your existing teeth. This is accomplished with no needles, drills or alteration of your existing teeth.With “Snap On Smile®” an impression is made of your teeth, as well as an accurate bite. You then select the color and design of your new teeth. There is a variety of movie star smiles as well as a catalog of smiles to choose from. You may prefer the Cameron Diaz smile or the Brittany Spears smile or you may want one that reflects your own unique personality.Your Snap On Smile® is made at the lab and you receive it at your next office visit. It is adjusted for that perfect fit and you leave with your new smile. There are no adhesives! You just snap it in. However, you should clean it daily and leave it out while sleeping.The best part is its affordability. It is much less costly than traditional cosmetic treatment which can be four to six times more expensive. Individuals who fear the dentist will like the simple noninvasive way it is made. Snap On Smile® is ideal for weddings, proms and senior portraits. It is also great for those considering investing in porcelain veneers especially the no preparation Lumineers®, but want to try it out first. It can be used to replace missing teeth similar to a bridge and works well for individuals with gaps between their teeth. It is not recommended for people with flared teeth or to cover over cavities and gum disease.The Snap On Smile® makes it easier to have the smile of your dreams in a snap.