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Gum Lift

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    A gum lift is recommended for the so called “gummy smile” when excessive gum is displayed above the teeth during smiling There are several causes for this such as ;  abnormal growth and development of the jaw and teeth, excessive gum tissue and a hyper mobile upper lip. The gum lift procedure involves gum and/or bone removal around the front teeth making the teeth longer. This can have a dramatic effect in turning a “gummy” short tooth smile into a much prettier smile. A gum lift can be done with or without other tooth enhancements such as porcelain veneers. If a gum lift is recommended after a smile analysis, it is best that other cosmetic treatment not be completed without this procedure or the end result will be compromised. It is not unusual for the area to be sensitive for about a week. Other alternatives to the gum lift are orthodontics or botox for the hyper upper lift.     The Gum Lift