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Seriously? Botox in the dental office?
Botox has been around for many years but most of us, when we think of Botox, we think of erasing lines and wrinkles in an attempt to regain our youthfulness.
But Botox can do so much more. The purpose of botox is to relax your facial muscles making it hard to pinch up your face which gives you those lines and wrinkles. You can still make facial expressions but not to the extent you have those lines. Because your muscles are relaxed, you will find that you tend to clench and grind less forcefully.  For a gummy smile, it will relax your lip so that it does not come up as high exposing more gum and this will make your smile prettier.
Dermafillers, such as Juvederm can plump up areas such as your lips.
It makes sense that a dentist wants to make your smile as pretty as possible and sometimes that means more than just working on your teeth. Plus, your dentist is an expert at giving needles as they do that several times every day. Who better to deliver Botox and Juvederm treatments!

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