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What insurance do you take?  As a non participating provider, we can work with your insurance as long as you are allowed to go out of network. Why doesn’t my insurance cover that? Insurance companies limit care in several ways. Insurance companies exclude certain procedures from coverage using pre-existing conditions, missing tooth exclusions, age restrictions for preventive care and the least expensive alternative treatment. Do you take Priority Partners? No, Priority Partners requires you go to one of their contracted dentists and we are not contracted with them. Are you accepting new patients?  Yes!  We see everyone from toddlers to seniors. What kind of toothpaste should I use? It is best to go with a lower abrasion toothpaste that is less harmful to your tooth enamel. To see where your toothpaste falls on the abrasivity scale, check out our list on our website. Is it going to hurt? Actually you will feel very little. We make sure you are completely numb before we start. We also have different levels of sedation that will make you feel even less. How long will this take? It really depends on what procedure you are having done. When we schedule you for your appointment we will give you an idea of how long you will be in the office. Are the bleaching strips you buy in the store as good as custom trays? As a general rule the custom trays do a better job. However, there are rare instances that the strips do just as well. It really depends on the condition of your teeth, your habits and even your age. A bleaching evaluation can determine which method is best for you. Is whitening bad for my teeth? Your teeth may become a little sensitive but used correctly, whitening will not harm your teeth. If you experience sensitivity with your home bleaching trays, you may want to shorten the time you have the trays in, bleach every other day or use a lower percentage bleaching gel. If you are still experiencing sensitivity, talk to us. How bad is ice for my teeth? Think twice before using ice! Using ice is only second to sugar in creating the need for dental treatment. It can create tiny cracks that trap stains and these cracks can also weaken a tooth that may eventually break. How am I doing? We get this question often and welcome it. We all would like to know how we are doing in our home care and in what areas we need to improve if any but sometimes hesitate to ask. We want you to feel free to ask us any questions about your dental health. How much is this going to cost me? The cost of your treatment will depend on what  you need to have done. We tailor make your plan specific to your need. We will then go over all the options and the cost for each option so you can make an informed decision. Can I make payments? We require payment at the time of service. If you do need to set up a payment plan, we work with 2 outside financing companies that you can apply to. Both plans have interest free options as well. You can apply in our office or online. I am very fearful, I am a coward, I am a chicken, I have the worst mouth you have ever seen. We have employees who are chickens too and we understand that. We have several different methods of sedation available depending on your level of anxiety. Odds are you do not have the worst mouth we have ever seen. So don’t worry about that. We are here to help you fix whatever problems you may be having and get you back a beautiful, healthy, functional smile. Is there much drilling? We use very conservative adhesive dental restorations which require less drilling than older techniques. We will only do the amount of drilling the tooth requires to be fixed. It is important to us to preserve and maintain as much tooth structure as possible to keep it strong. We use adequate anesthesia on the tooth so you will be completely numb for the entire procedure. Some of us are bothered by the sound of the drill and we have headphones that you can wear that will help block out the sound of the drill. We want you to be comfortable and at ease with your dental treatment. Conservative dental treatment, liberal with our compassion….we’ve got you covered! How long is this going to last? There are a lot of variables here. It all depends on how good your home care is, what your habits are and what work you have had done. For instance, a bridge is more stable than a partial and an implant is more stable than a bridge. When can I eat? With most things you have done in the office you can eat right away. The biggest concern is that if you are numb, you must be very careful not to bite your cheek, tongue or lips. You can do a lot of damage biting yourself and not even realize it until the numbness wears off. If you have had fluoride applied via trays, you will need to wait 30 minutes after the application before eating or drinking. Can’t you just glue it back? It will only take 2 minutes! Whenever you have a crown, bridge or a tooth on a denture that has come off, there is more to it than just sticking it back on with some glue. The area and the detached tooth needs to be cleaned of all residue. The doctor also needs to look to see why it came off. There may be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. If it is just a “simple” reattachment, then the visit will take just under an hour. Fixing a broken tooth on a denture takes longer.


  1. Good afternoon. I am asking if you offer dentures and bridgework?

  2. I have care first blue shield EPO do you take that insurance with United Concordia. If you do I have a tooth that needs filling on the left side lower set. I do have a dentist but he wants to give my Valium before doing the filling( he said it would take 3 needles, I’m scared to death of needles) However I don’t think Valium will do it for me, I need something stronger but he can’t administer anything but the Valium. I’ve been reading up on the laughing gas and think that’s what I need

  3. Most of the clinics offer the same day services in the case the problem can be treated at the same sitting, but there are cases when you have to visit the dentist twice. It is recommended to visit the same dentist even if you have to come for a review after a week. He has treated you so he knows how to take care of your trouble.

  4. My father is a wheelchair bound senior. He cannot be transferred to a
    dentist chair without assistance. Is you office equipped to move a patient, or can you do dental work on a patient who is sitting in a wheelchair? He needs regular cleaning and has periodontal disease.

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