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Improperly angled teeth

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The lips and the cheeks need support from the teeth. For a full, beautiful smile and lips, the teeth need to be angled properly (tipped out just slightly). This will also put the nose and chin in better proportion also.This young lady’s teeth are too low, giving her a “gummy” smile when she laughs. Even though he is rich, famous and handsome, his smile could be better if his arches were wider and didn’t have those dark corners.For a wide beautiful smile, the upper and lower jaws should line up correctly with the skull. They should not be too far forward or back when looking at a person’s profile and the dimensions of the upper and lower face need to be properly proportioned. Notice this in the drawings below. The center is a normal profile compared with a lower jaw that is too far forward on the right and too far back on the left. ISN’T IT INTERESTING WHAT DEFINES A BEAUTIFUL SMILE?? So when you are thinking about whether your child or even you may need braces to “straighten his/her teeth”, consider the total appearance and the advancements in orthodontic techniques and materials. Making these changes today is easier than ever before!
  • Does he/she need their upper and/or lower jaw moved?
  • Is the face too flat?
  • Should the jaws be wider?
  • Is the face too long or short?
  • Do the lips come together without strain?
  • Do the teeth stick out too far or do they intrude inward?
  • When smiling, does too much gum show?
  • Do you really need to have any teeth extracted to accomplish the desired results of a wide, beautiful smile?
These things can be corrected most of the time with orthopedics and orthodontics. There are a lot of important events coming up for your teen in their high school years. Make sure they have a smile they can be proud of. Call Delmarva Dental Services for more information.