Ice | Delmarva Dental Services


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HARMFUL DENTAL HABITS Believe it or not, using ice is only second to sugar in creating the need for dental treatment. Chewing ice creates not only abnormally high forces on teeth but concentrates it in very small areas. Teeth with large metal amalgam fillings develop cracks and many times create or eventually lead to cracked tooth syndrome. Most cracked teeth need crowns, some root canals as well and a few must be extracted.Alternating from cold to hot during eating and drinking will cause expansion and contraction cracks. An example would be eating hot soup and drinking cold soda with ice. Americans have more of these types of cracks than Europeans due to America’s love of iced drinks. At Delmarva Dental Services the magnification of our intraoral cameras allow us to see these very fine cracks before our patients do. The cracks on front teeth usually don’t lead to cracked tooth syndrome; however, they will absorb stain, causing discolored lines as well as gradual darkening of the teeth. Most of the tooth whitening we have been doing since 1989 has been due to using ice.So think twice…before you use ice.